ASUS ZenFone Selfie / See the Perfect You

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Concept in English "You see beauty all around you
And perfection in the smallest things
But only the sharpest vision…
…sees the beauty and perfection in you
ZenFone Selfie is the beauty that sees perfection
The smartphone that makes you smile
Its gift to see the perfect you"
Title : ASUS ZenFone Selfie | See the Perfect You
Year : 2015
Client :ASUS
Product Marketing Manager : Yu-Cheng Chou 周 祐丞

Production : Hi-Organic

Copywriter : ASUS
Director : Li-Chun Chang 張 立羣
Producer : Eddie Liu 劉 穎謙
Local Executive Producer : 李 佳 / 出口結美子
Executive Producer : 劉 家宏
Director of photography : Sam Hu 胡 世山
First Assistant Camera : Ji-Hong Lai 賴 吉宏
Second Assistant Camera : 久保田翔太
Gaffer : 神山啓介 / Yasuhiro Okamoto

Stylist Fashion Designer : Ling Lin 林 翎
Make-up : Yi-Chen Wu 巫 依宸
Equipment : 三和映材社
Continuity Clerk : Shih-Ming Liu 劉 士銘
Post-Production House : Hi-Organic
Editor : Li-Chun Chang 張 立羣
Typography : Ariel Lin 林 雅婷
2D Artist : Ariel Lin 林 雅婷
Compositor : Lynn Lin 林
Color Grading : Zoe Lin 林 柔以
Music Composing : Chengyei Han 韓 承燁
Voice Over : Angela Utschig 柏 安潔
Recording Engineer : Danny Tai 戴 陽
Sound Mix : Mr.XY 小眼先森
Recording Studio : EYEMEDIA 搶眼錄音室
Main actress: Chelsea Mei Lee Chelsea Mei Lee
Actor : Yamamoto Yu 中田光昭
Extras : 豊永真紀 有田しるし