About Hi-Organic

We are Hi-Organic! We are a group of visual enthusiasts who love everything about videos, animations, special effects, art, and design. We started Hi-Organic in Taipei, Taiwan back in 2007 and the company has been growing and expanding ever since. We have established ourselves overseas, and there are now Hi-Organic JP and Hi-Organic UK. We offer complete video production services ranging from video direction, script writing, video editing to special effects. We also provide graphic design solutions including, but not limited to, brand image development, package design, and website design.

Hi-Organic aims to retain the truest and purest forms of creativity and vitality, turning the emotions in stories into artistic visual representations. Our creations come from solid hand drawing skills with a dash of change in the ways things are presented. We combine art and digital technology so that we can continue to create and bring originality and variety into our work. We have performed brilliantly in the international arena, not only securing nomination in the Best Visual Effects category in the 2014 Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, but also placing Silver in the 2015 London International Awards (LIA). We have also received recognition in numerous awards and festivals around the globe, such as OneDotZero in the UK, the Red Dot Design in Germany, Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (Adfest), Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, and the 4A Awards in Taiwan. Hi-Organic never ceases to surprise and has attracted the attention from and made appearances in various internationally renowned design platforms and professional magazines.

We will march on with every bit of passion that we started the company with and make Hi-Organic an iconic visual design brand.