ZOOM Animals in Virtual Reality / Kamzo

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OM, the first vibration that gave birth to the universe.
-Everything is essentially vibration. In the bigining, earlier than time and space itself, this primordial energy brings the first vibration, as known as "OM"

-A place that we all used to play and learn in it, it's fences set a boundary between our bodies and what we found was this emptiness of our senses through the looking glass.

-The word:"zoom" was originally used to represent the focus changing process of lens, or some kind of humming voice by another definition. We choose this word as the title of our exhibition, to represnt the various minds of these individuals.
Through our eyes on the animals, we may focus on different subjects, hence our mind and thoughts shall collide with each other, to assemble and to agitate, to emerge different concepts, yet it's not more real to construct the belief system than to interact with our surroundings as a human being.
We assume that the essense of all living things is quite like a mirror, we can observe and even learn from eachother but we may never know the truth via the silence of others'. This time, we play the subject in the mirror, to sit on a chair that was meant for the guest, then put on animal skins and to imitate the voice of "OM".
Life is irreversible in the linearge time, it completed the fail of our imagination.
However, we, as human beings, have never give up to explore the prestine extraordinary before the great flood. That's why today we stand together, to discuss these imginations, zoom in and zoom out, from microcosmic to macrocosmic, to carry on the values of our life.
The ground we now stands may be compressed along with the gradual expansion of our so called civilization, and the wildness within us could be lost, but it's also possible that all the fences breaks down and a fresh order emerges from the ashes in the days to come, which opens a new sequel in this distorted space-time.  

Artist : Kamzo Liu / 劉 安儒

ZOOM / Exhibition
Typography : Wenzogg Chen / 陳 文忠
Visual Designer : Wenzogg Chen / 陳 文忠