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SHOETIME Cinemas Intro
On the paradigm shift from film to digital era, young generation of ShowTime Cinemas reached us to rebrand his family business. We created an unreal world as a stage of fantasy. As time pass by, the pedals of a fabric flower drifted away. Through the mirrored surface of the lake, old pedals were reborn and transformed into glittering particles traveling toward the future.
The new life came to a dreamlike sky where ShowTime logo accompanied with clouds and stars, awaking your sense of sight and hearing.

Client : SHOETIME Cinemas

Producer : Hi-Organic

Director : Jain Yi
Concept Setting : Kamzo
Compositor : Jain Yi
3D Artist : Jain Yi / Kiloking Wu / Yellow Tso / Xiang Wang
Music & Sound : 3H Sound Studio / Wen Hsu