Power of city

Tags: exhibition, graphic, motion, vfx



The work will screen at Onedotzero 2010 - citystates from Nov 10 to 14 in London!
I created this piece of video to bring power to the city. In my imagination, there were mysterious creatures existing among us. They had organic looks and movements, drifting freely between skyscrapers. They were the music that broke the silence of city and gave hope to people who have the ability to picture them.
The starting point of this project was an illustration which I drew with my friend Kamzo. We enjoyed post-rock music a lot, and wanna visualized the scene in our brain when we listened to music. This was how the colorful, mysterious creature in the ending cut were born.
When making the illustration to motion graphics piece, I set the environment as an empty city where the music creature could drift freely in between just like floating in the sea.

Producer : Hi-Organic
Director : Jain Yi
Designer : Kamzo / Jain Yi
D.P. : Mun Chen
Compositor : Jain Yi
Music : Yellow Tso / Kamzo

Invited by  / Sinestezija 2011 / onedotzero 14th
Report by / 3D world International magazine / Arts thread blog