I'm Somewhere/ LONDON

Tags: exhibition, film, graphic, motion, typography



“I’m Somewhere” is the first important milestone of Hi-Organic. It indicates what we want to say also what we see the world from a Taiwan designers’ view. It is abstract because it is like creation. It is not clear before views see it or feel it. It is like I can be in Taipei, London or moon or Mars. I can exist in the past, present or future. We can imagine where we are and full of fantasy. It can extend with no boundaries. We think it is crucial to know the connection between the name and the work per se. We want to tell the all of the feeling of ourselves about the world, about our lives, about what we love what we don’t. Those private moments between the world and us inspire us. We know the feel of “existence” and we do want to describe it in our own way. We are here, we are there, and we want to be everywhere.

We exist in our own works, and our works exist in us.

Director : Jain Yi
Producer : Hi-Organic
Art Setting : Kamzo / Jain Yi
D.P. : Marco Chen
Compositor : Jain Yi
Music : Yellow Tso / Kamzo