Nike The Future One / 30th anniversary

Tags: exhibition, graphic, motion, interactive



The 30th anniversary to celebrate the Nike Air Force One famous shoes from Nike, which is a show combining the New York street culture and digital arts. There were 24 breaking dancers presenting their kinetic body and skills to bring the music, passion, sound and rhythm together.
All dancers wearing with the AF1 shoes as their painting brush then the floor presenting as their canvas. They draw astonishing and unique creations art works one by one through dancing, in the end, then burst out the very own street culture style of Taipei.

Title : Dance to Draw - Air Force One Project
Client : Nike
Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan
Executive Creative Director : Jennifer Hu
Art Director : Gavin Yin
Copywriter : Jennifer Hu
Designer : Evelyn Jeng
Account Team : Zoe Chuang / Echo Hsu / HsinTzi Chang

VFX Company : Hi-Organic
VFX Supervisor : Su
Promotion Film Director : Ying-Chih Chen / Su
Promotion Film Compositor : Su
Visual Designer : Kamzo
Interactive Company : Asmoky Tsau / Ching Hsiang Hu / In2idea
Recording : Gavin Yin / Gabriel Lee / Hi-Organic
Editor : Gavin Yin / Gabriel Lee / Su
Music & Sound : Salamander / Tower I-Chun Tao / Duzs Chen

Dance group by SBC
Case Film by Gavin Yin