Bombing Exhibition 2011

Tags: exhibition, typography, art



Hi Organic is a Taiwan based motion graphic arts studio founded since 2007. Hi Organic states that" in Taiwan people are selfish of sharing their knowledge to the same background competitors, therefore art industry in Taiwan always growing slower than the other country around the world." Indeed, Hi Organic studio accept the curators Jing-Kai, Chen's request to make an arts exhibition in Huashan creative park, Taiwan. Therefore, Hi Organic want to share the studio's works that joined loads international competitions in recently years. Also the exhibition will including arts works, idea sketch which created by Organic colleague in those years and few young artists which Organic thinking are the best in Taiwan. For this show, Hi Organic team try to making the best exhibition place that can showing our works. We also want to cheer up the other young artists, and wish everyone can having their own shows in the future soon then doing something for the Taiwan arts industry as well.

In this Bombing exhibition, Hi Organic invited 3 Taiwan freelance artists to join with us, which are Kitano, 13 and 72. The show will contain illustration art works, storyboard sketch, painting and as well as an on-going screening of exclusive motion graphic videos.

Artist : Kitano / 13 / 72
Typography : KAMZO