ASUS ROG 2013 Promo

Tags: motion, director



As the ASUS co,ltd.'s flagship B2C product lines, the ROG product is aim to the  hardcore users and tuning maniac.
The video is presenting about a multipurpose, agile, heat resisting robot equipped with ROG products resembled parts, fights a mean, powerful, heavily armored magma monster which represent all things reducing the game experience in the stage of cyber world.
The slogan "your game, done right" ,the ROG robot do the right things with you - eliminate the enemy and make everything right.
If you wants to be the champion, this is certainly your best choice.

Client : ASUS ROG
Producer : Hi-Organic
Director : Su
Supervisor : James Chen

Concept Designer : James Chen / Xiang Wang / Kamzo Liu
UI / UX Designer : Kamzo Liu
CG Artist : James Chen / Xiang Wang / Kai-Zhen Lee / Jiabay Heh
Assistant CG Artist : Ariel Lin / Daisuke Tanaka / Thibaut Hanocq
Rigging : Kai-Zhen Lee
Compositing : Su / Jiabay Heh
VFX artist : Kai-Zhen Lee  /  Jiabay Heh
Motion graphic Artists : CE Tsai / Lynn Lin / Ariel Lin
Matte Painting : Ming-Yee Sheh
Action advisor : Chen-Hsuan Huang
Music / SFX : Eyemedia co,ltd.