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one one & one

To explore the world and create art freely, 

wholly and with a touch of humour.

"Hi! We Are Back"

The Ocean Debris Photography Project

Everything eventually turn into trash, and now they are back!

Our duty to a trash seems to end right after we put it into a bin.

We rarely really knowthe final destination of these wastes.

It was not until we came across a beautiful coast in Eastern Taiwan full of trash,

our intuition was to start picking up all the ocean debris there.
Through out the process, we discover various kinds of ocean debris, and are amazed by how beautiful and most importantly how unique each of them has become after the power of the ocean.

If only people can see how beautiful these trashes have become after their journey in the ocean. One One & One discovers ocean debris by picking them up, 

photographing them each by each and by weeks, 

we have also finished cleaning up 1km of beach at Qi Xing Tan, collecting over 1000 Kgs of wastes. 

We create through still photography, 

by images, we perceive the uniqueness and details of each ocean debris.

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Photography : Yi-Hsien Chou 周宜賢

Designer : Kamzo Liu