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As the night falls and the stars among us was
Stars morphed to all kinds of wishes,
and were fallen to the bottom of our co-collective

Where indwelled incredible abundance that was
always one step away from us,
they shines not only artificial but also superficial
luminous glamour.
primitive desires kept manifesting, calling us,
more is good and more is legit.

The cloaked Yaldaboath looked upon this society
of materialism which It dominated for millenia.
The slow and struggling process for evolution
of human's consciousness reflects in It's eyes,
while it took our Lush as It's supper,
yet the most delicious ones are those ambiguous
faiths as always.
All these happened in a small temple of Land-God,
which sits in a place of nowhere.

Now, may ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Director : Hi-Organic 有機像素

Story : JainYi Su 蘇健益
Concept Art : Chili Chang 張立羣
Typography : Kamzo Liu 劉安儒
Supervisor: Sushi Chang 張書賢
VFX : KaiZhen Lee 李凱震
3D Modeling : Matt Liao 廖千舜
CG Artist : Isabelle Chen 陳威蓉
Compositing : Jiabay Heh 賀嗣舜 / Ricky Su 蘇宏修
Color Grading : Zoe Lin 林柔以